VD2.5 Became unregistered

Has anyone have this happen?

I have VDL 2.5 loaded on my Laptop and now that I am working on my Indoor book, I started VDL 2.5 and it wouldn't let me load any of the preset Multi's. I then noticed that it was showing wth an unknown registration. Luckily I ran thru the NI Interface and didn't have an issue setting getting it registered again.

Has anyone else have this happen or know what caused it?


Sorry to hear about your problem chazg.

If you didn't complete the registration earlier, you would have been running it in demo mode (active for 30 days). After that the demo expires and doesn't allow you to load any sounds. So are you certain you completed the initial registration with Service Center? If so, if there was some sort of configuration change in your computer (new OS, new hardware perhaps), maybe it caused your system ID to change (the thumbprint used by NI), and caused it to think it was a different machine.

Ideally, NI would be your best bet to get this resolved. They have a registration support form at:

Or you may call them at: (323) 467-2693 (los angeles).

Thanks for the response. I did have it registered when I first installed it and I have been using it for more then 30 Days. I didn't make any system changes so I'm really not sure what happenned.

Luckily I was able to re-register it and it started working again without any issues. If it happens again I will contact NI and let you know the outcome.

Or maybe I'll scrape together the Cash and get a MAC Laptop. Any Recommendations?

Glad to hear you're back in business Chazg. I think you'll find all of Apple's current portable offerings make good VDL machines. Of course, best results are attained with faster CPU and more RAM. VDL is obviously compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms and assuming your system is in good shape and hardware is working well, shouldn't necessarily dictate which way you need to swing.

Good luck!
Thanks Jim,

I was actually thinking that it was time to broaden my horizons, and this would give me the perfect excuse, LOL!!!

As an Wndows 2003 system admin by trade, It's time to look at the other side of world.

Thanks agian,


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