OT: Snare Drum Stand

Hey everyone! I wish I would have thought about this at PASIC, but i'm looking for a stand that will suit playing the snare while sitting AND standing! Does any such thing exist?

I looked around steveweissmusic.com today but they aren't really specific about heights and the pictures are taken from a weird top angle.
Yo Charlie,

Someone else might have better suggestions, but the best stand I've found for this, is the Yamaha standard concert snare drum stand. It's not perfect, but depending on the size of the snare drum in question, you can make this work. I regularly use one for both purposes, and while using it on a drumset, it's a bit high, I'm usually playing traditional grip and can manage to work around the height. Plus, I sit a little taller than the average drummer (not absurdly taller, mind you), so that helps.

Good luck...
Thanks! I'll look into that one.
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