4-octave vibes

I'm looking for some quick feedback regarding 4-octave vibraphones. The Yamaha models go from C to C I believe. Does anyone here have any knowledge of other extended range vibraphones that have different range configurations? Thanks in advance!
All the vibe models I saw at pasic were C to C.

I did notice that some marimbas are going from C to F now (adding 1/2 octave to the top) Interestingly enough, this isn't as new of a range as we might think. The first 5 octave marimbas made by deagan were from F to F. (Although I can't think of any lit that uses this range....)
Awesome - thanks for chiming in on this Charlie. Having never written for this extended range instrument, I guess I haven't paid attention as to whether there are different versions available. Thanks again for the feedback.

PS - I think I missed you at PASIC, but thanks for swinging by! :)
The only extended configs I know about are the Yamaha C - C 4 octaves...
Guatemalan marimba litature uses that top 1/2 octave, so 6 1/2 octave marimbas are used sometimes.�� (very incredible!)

DeMorrow had a HUGE vibraphone at PASIC.�� I didnt check it out but it looked larger than 4 octaves.

Jim, did you sample those 2 story chimes at PASIC? ! ;)
Here are pictures and links. As far as I can tell the only current 5 1/2 marimba maker is Marimba One. I tried to find the f-f degan, but a quick search didn't show anything. I know I've read about it somewhere...
I did play on the Demorrow vibe at pasic. It was quite huge, but only 4 octaves. It sounded great though! The funny part is that it wasn't done yet, the frame was simple 2x4's :) And the control box was duct taped on the side hahaha. anyhow...

Marimba One 5 1/2 octave marimba listed here

Vanderplas 4 Octave Vibe (C-C)  (also maker of the evibe)

Demorrow 4 octave vibe (C-C)
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