Keymap for drumset....

So using the template for finale 07 I converted one of the vibraphone staffs to be a drumset staff. under the staff settings I told it to use the keymap for the drumset auto RL from VDL but it doesn't notate it properly. It just notates the notes on the staff regularly as it would if it were a vibraphone I were notating. I just cant figure out how to make the keymap apply to that staff properly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

- Sam
Not a problem Sam.  Glad you are back up and running!
Hey that worked Coach. :) Thank you very much.

- Sam

Where it says ";Notation Style: Percussion"; click SELECT.  Click on the map that you want and then click EDIT.  Click the button for ALL NAMED NOTES (to highlight all notes of the map)  and then click DONE to choose the map, then SELECT,then OK.  It looks like the map needs to be set.       
yep I have done still doesn't work. Here is what I have it set to right now...and here is what it is being notated as...



When you are changing the Staff Style or Staff Type make sure that you are selection ";Percussion"; where it says NOTATION STYLE on the left side of the Staff Attributes.  If this doesn't say Percussion than you will just see regular notation.
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