Problem installing VDL2

I am trying to reinstall VDL2 on a laptop that I had to reformat.  I am currently using Finale 07.  When I copy the VDL vst into the Finale VST folder it does not show up when I attempt to set it up in the MIDI menu. I am currently using a windows vista system. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Rob Ferguson
To make sure that we are clear:  when you go to the MIDI MENU -->NATIVE INSTRUMENTS VST SETUP and then you click on the Dropdown for whichever channel range you need, you do not see Virtual Drumline 2 as an option?

Which version of Finale 2007 do you have? 
I have the standard Finale 2007.  When I use the dropdown in the MIDI menu, VDL is not an option at all, yet the files are copied to the folder.

Have you chosen to run Finale as as Administrator?

[li]Close Finale[/li]
[li]Right-click on the icon for Finale and choose Run as Administrator[/li]
[li]Go to Default Document and then go to the Native Instruments VST Setup in the Midi Menu[/li]

Do you now see this as an option?�� I believe, as it was with the Garritan Personal Orchestra, you will need to run VDL ";As Administrator"; in Vista to have it show up in Finale also.

Check for my PM and let me know what you think.
It is showing up now in the default document.  Does that mean that I will always need to run Finale as ";the administrator";?
Finale 2007 needs to be run ";AS ADMINISTRATOR"; on Vista so that you elevate the program to a higher level and have access to all the files that you need.  Great to hear that you are up and running!

Thanks for all the help!
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