OT: Sibelius Smooth Extended Pitch Bends

Hey guys,

I'm positing this on the Sibelius forums as well, but does anybody know how to create smooth longer pitch bends, over the course of a measure for instance? I kno how to use the ~B0,# controls, but nothing that will render a smooth bend pitch.

This or perhaps a similar effect or automation in Sonar would be just as good.

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You might give this a shot, navigate to:

�� ��Plug-ins>Playback>Add Continuous Control Changes

I happened upon this the other day, but also haven't had time to figure it out. Can't remember which page it starts on, but there is a rather meety section in the Sibelius Reference that covers Plug-ins. I will be spending some quality time there myself later.

Let us know if this works for the pitch bends.


Have you heard anything back from the Sibelius forum?
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