Sibelius 5.1 Template Released! - UPDATED 12-18-2007

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Hello folks

I know that many of you have been patiently waiting for the Sibelius 5 Template to be finished and released. Well, it is now done and on the Tapspace updates page ready for your immediate downloading.


Also, Jim has posted some very helpful video tutorials to aid you in getting started - as well as some tips on how to use the Template. The one toward the bottom of the page about the use of Noteheads is my personal favorite. Nicely done Jim!


During the final stages of the development, we managed to con a few testers into trying to find flaws within the functionality of the Template. Even though I apparently got most of it right the first time, they did find a few things that I had missed. A big thanks and round of applause to:  Bill C, Gabe C, Gary R, John M, Mat C and Murray G. Thanks guys!

Someone else who was a big key to this project was Sam Butler of Sibelius Software. Early on Jim referred to him as the ";sound set guru";. Without he and his colleagues' efforts we would not have the outstanding tool for writing music that we have today.

And lastly, but not leastly, I can't even begin to thank Jim Casella enough for all of the valuable input he has given throughout this whole endeavor.

Enjoy your new world of music notation.


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Quick question...
I have the update for VDL2.5, I installed it, and it says it was registered to another user, so I un-installed and reinstalled a number of times and it still says the same thing... so my question is, will sibelius 5.1 work the same way with VDL2 as it is shown to work with VDL2.5?


Sibelius 5.1 will not work with VDL2 the same as it does with VDL 2.5. This is because VDL 2.5 is a Kontakt Player 2 library, whereas VDL2 is not. You may be able to see VDL2 as a hosted VST, but the autoload features of SoundWorld won't work properly with the sound set unless you are using VDL 2.5.

Regarding your serial number, your VDL 2.5 serial number is different than your VDL2 serial number. Just thought I'd mention that in case there was some confusion. It is not allowable for the serial number to be shared between two users.
Bryan, Jim...
Thanks for the quick response... the problem is that even when I do a clean install of VDL2.5 on my PC, it says it is already registered to another user, and I know that is not possible since I have only installed it on my PC... and I am positive that I not using the same serial number for VDL2 and VDL2.5... I will ask around on the NI forum, and maybe get a response from them, but last time i sent their tech-support an e-mail or the ticket thing, they just said to un-install it and then to re-install it, and that didn't work... and now that the template it up and running and after watching the screencasts on the site, I am VERY EAGER to get this working on my end lol...
thanks again for the help guys, I think I am going to try to install VDL2.5 on here again and see if that works... wish me luck :-\
Justin - I may not be able to help, but please send me a PM with your VDL 2.5 serial number and I'll see if there's anything i can look up on our end.
Ok, so I got it figured out, with Jim's help, and I feel like an idiot now lol... I was trying to activate with the wrong email... ended up being a stupid mistake on my end... but at least I got everything working now... Thanks to you guys for your input, and thanks again to everyone at Tapspace and at Sibelius for getting the template done and making things work together so seamlessly... from what I have gotten to use, it pretty much rocks!!
Wow, thanks for taking me back to the Saturday nights of watching Nickelodeon during my years as a youth, Jesse :-)
A couple of thoughts....

Usually I create a blanket percussion 1 & 2 part for my scores.  These players often play items associated with a rack (toms, triangle, concert SD, wind chimes, bird whistles, etc.).  I am curious about the Sib 5.1 Template:

If I create a blanket percussion staff, and I do instrument changes for every instrument change, does each instrument count as 1 of the 16 instruments per instance of VDL 2.5?  So If my entire drumline score is 17 parts, plus 2 percussion staves, will it be possible to have to use 3 instances, if the instruments get to be quite a bit?  Or does Sibelius use the staff as the number of instances?

Also, I think this os very well done, it does make things a lot easier.  However, I would like to change a notehead here or there to something I relate to this possible?

And lastly, thanks to everyone's hard work.  Without your help and work, Sib 5 would have been a $170 waste of space on my hard drive.


What you're describing sounds like it might be best accommodated using the ";Rack Combo A"; ";Rack Combo B"; instruments from VDL. They contain a lot of the instruments you're describing, and the template has them configured already. So even though they are comprised of various sounds, it's really only one instrument that's being used. Then in cases where you need an extra sound that's not included in the combo rack (i.e. police whistle), just do an instrument change. This will conserve the amount of slots that are used in KP2 if that's a concern to you.

You bring up a good point. Any instruments needed in your score, will be loaded into KP2 simultaneously. So if your general ";percussion"; staff actually needs to use 9 different patches from VDL, that's 9 slots in KP2 that are being used. This is important to keep in mind as other staves will need slots for their instruments as well. As mentioned, once you've maxed out one instance of KP2, you can of course activate another instance, assign the Tapspace VDL sound set, then you've essentially increased your available slots by another 16.

So if your percussion score is 17 parts (staves), you'll at least need two instances of KP2 activated. Whether or not you need a third depends on how many instrument changes are required in the score you're working on.

Thanks for the quick response.

I have 1 more question that seems like a big deal to me.

I tried changing the title of my score to something else.  A dialog box came up stating that this is now linked to the score info.  I hit yes, wanting to edit the score info, I type in my title, and appropriate info and nothing changes in the score.  Are you getting the same result, and what am I doing wrong if not?

It depends if you're using wildcards to display your title. Altering the data in the ";Score Info"; window will only affect text items that are using wildcards. If you're unsure about what wildcards are, they're pretty slick. Check out ";wildcards"; in the Sibelius reference.

If you're stuck, just delete the title text currently displayed in your score, and just re-create it (Create>Text>Title)

If you're using regular text for your title, try replacing it with this: [b]\$TITLE\[/b]
Doing so will display whatever you have entered for the ";Title"; field in the Score Info window.
Damn are super fast today.  I appreciate it mucho!

Hopefully one last thing.  I am inputting a score I had done in finale about 10 years ago or more.  Everything notation wise is working very well.  Only one small problem with playback.  It seems to have recorded my key velocities, and when I play back a score, I am hearing little and big accents occurring in my playback of a single line of 16th notes in the snare line.  Is there a way to have it ignore key velocities?

If you're doing it in Sibelius, I think all you'd have to do is uncheck ";Live Playback"; in the Play menu. I'm not quite sure. If it's Live Playback that's doing this, selecting View>Live Playback Velocities should show you (on-screen) which notes have these velocities applied to them.
Wow! As you said, once we start getting into things with this new template, we'll begin to see all the work that went into it and how absolutely amazing it is! Thank you all Hugh and Jim and everyone else that did this. Absolutely amazing! I've been a VDL user since it came out with just the battery several years ago, and to see the work you guys have put in to build this to what it is today is really awesome. What the heck will you come up with next?! :-) Thanks again.

Here's a question...

I inputted a handwritten percussion ensemble score about 1.5 years ago.  I used Sibelius 4.  I want to open it up in Sib 5 using VDL 2.5 sounds.  Some of the sounds went over but not all of them.

How can I get Sib 5 to use the Sounds of VDL 2.5?  I tried to do some instrument changes, but VDL 2.5 isn't an option in the family menu.  Any suggestions?

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Here's a question...

I inputted a handwritten percussion ensemble score about 1.5 years ago.�� I used Sibelius 4.�� I want to open it up in Sib 5 using VDL 2.5 sounds.�� Some of the sounds went over but not all of them.

How can I get Sib 5 to use the Sounds of VDL 2.5?�� I tried to do some instrument changes, but VDL 2.5 isn't an option in the family menu.�� Any suggestions?


Robby - I don't have a quick answer for you just yet, but what you're describing is sure to come up from time to time; taking old scores into the new template. The problem you're experiencing is due to the fact that the mapping/noteheads have changed for what we hope will be a more universal format moving forward. As a result, the noteheads/mapping from your old Sib4 template, won't all match those of the new template. Our plan for this is to make available a ";classic"; template. Early testing of this has been somewhat successful, but there are many things in that template that will still need to be tested to ensure it's functioning properly. I can't say when exactly this may be available, but at least wanted to address what you're experiencing. For right now, the official VDL/Sibelius 5.1 template is primarily intended for new projects moving forward. Compatibility with older projects will likely be handled by the ";classic"; template. More info will be forthcoming.
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