Electronics Help...Please

Quick question...I hope.

Looking to run sound for outdoors.  Starting from scratch.  There seems to be three avenues to take regarding amping

1. mixer, amp, speakers
2. mixer w/ built-in 300w amp, speakers
3. mixer, powered speakers

The 1st seems to be the most conventional? The 2nd I can find cheaper, but I'm skeptical on a ";all-in-one"; unit.  And the 3rd is expensive but people seem to say ";Yes"; to the powered speaker set-up.

Any recomendations????  And thank you!!!

I can't speak from much varied experience, but #1 is what I'm most familiar with. Powered speakers mean more things to supply power to, and it may be more of a hassle to perform troubleshooting or repairs if their internal amps have any problems.

At Cavaliers, we use a system similar to this:

The guys at McCormick's are very helpful and fair as well if you need advice from them.
I've looked closely at the McCormick's set-up.  It looks like great stuff, my booster parents just keep hassling me with ";cheaper"; alternatives.  I think I'll push for the McC set-up.

Thanks Jim, as always!



Hello!  As always, Jim's advice is wonderfully helpful.
Peavey is coming out with a new line of amplification
equipment designed for the marching arts, and
specifically marching percussion ensembles.  You
might check and see when that's going to happen
and then compare that with what you have found
on the McCormick's website.  You might also take
a look at Dynasty's set-up/equipment.  More info
at hand makes for a better decision by the purchaser.
Good luck!

Take care!
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