Playback device problem in Sibelius 5.1

I installed all of my software and followed the screen cast to the playback options menu, but under the active devices column there is nothing there.  What do I need to do to get Kontakt into the active devices column?
When you installed Sibelius, did you install Sibelius Sounds Essentials? If not, I'd recommend you start there. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check your Sibelius manual under ";Sibelius Sounds Essentials.";
I'm sorry I wasn't specific enough. I'm pretty new to the forum. :-) My available devices is blank.  Theres no Kontakt Player2 available to activate.
If what you're saying is accurate, you should probably review the Sibelius documentation, or re-view the screencast. All you'd need to do is activate one of your available devices. AVAILABLE devices appear on the left. ACTIVATED devices will appear on the right (once you've activated them with the 'activate' button). Just select KontaktPlayer2 by clicking it (in the left colum), then click the ";activate"; button, and it'll appear in the right column. Then save your playback configuration.
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