Crossover Noteheads - Potential Sibelius 5.1 Template Update Item

Hello forum

Guess what I managed to totally forget about - and I'm a quad player from way back too. Sheesh!

OK, since this has now been brought to my attention, I would like your input as to:

     What noteheads do you like to use for your TenorLine crossovers?

I will leave the question there for now.

[quote author=snaretech link=topic=2096.msg10817#msg10817 date=1195614547]

Ha Hugh when you say library update what update are you talking about who, is coming out with a library update?


[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=2087.msg10731#msg10731 date=1195075752]

... will be available soon in an upcoming 2.5.1 maintenance update for VDL. Depending on the NI development schedule, this may still be a couple weeks from completion.

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