Crossover Noteheads - Potential Sibelius 5.1 Template Update Item

Hello forum

Guess what I managed to totally forget about - and I'm a quad player from way back too. Sheesh!

OK, since this has now been brought to my attention, I would like your input as to:

     What noteheads do you like to use for your TenorLine crossovers?

I will leave the question there for now.

[quote author=snaretech link=topic=2096.msg10817#msg10817 date=1195614547]

Ha Hugh when you say library update what update are you talking about who, is coming out with a library update?


[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=2087.msg10731#msg10731 date=1195075752]

... will be available soon in an upcoming 2.5.1 maintenance update for VDL. Depending on the NI development schedule, this may still be a couple weeks from completion.

I use the ( ) but I actually put it down in the sticking, like this: RR(LL)R(L)RRLL...etc. I leave it out of the actual notes.


I use #13, the black triangle.  Happy Thanksgiving
to all the good folks on this forum.  And aren't we all
thankful for VDL, Jim, and the great staff at Tapspace!

Take care!
Ha Hugh when you say library update what update are you talking about who, is coming out with a library update?
This is some great feedback guys, thanks.

What I have done is added two notehead entries to the mappings for each of the TenorLine drum sounds. From there you can use the noteheads I have chosen, or change them to whatever you like - if you choose to use them at all, of course. A small bit on this will be in the Readme. My goal here was to give everyone the most flexibility for customization.

Timeframes for this Template update will be dependent on the library update.

Again, thanks!

I used a ";circled"; note head for cross notes for a while but lately, I have been using the () from the Sibelius keypad.  I agree that with using either a circled or () notehead, you can still see if the notehead is filled in or open.
I use the plus/X system for single notes, but on double stops, I'll use the lyric tool and the return key to acctually put them in vertical order.

Ex. of a bad looking quarter note double stop with an X on top and sticking indicating that the Right goes over Left.


I use () for crossovers.
Generally I use an open notehead and that's what I typically see when people are using a crossover so that's what I was looking for when I asked the question.
I use the Hannum method of putting a slash through the crossed over note(s). I hit ";z"; and the put the \ through the notehead I want crossed over.

I used to use the open notehead until I started using VDL.  Then I switched to using the () around the notes.  I don't have Sib in front of me, but I believe it's on the 2nd or 3rd keypad, number 3, maybe.  That one.  I think.  :)
I use a '+' over the note too. Pretty easy to do, but I always have to explain it to the kids :)
When I used to use Finale, I'd notate these with a ";plus"; sign (since it kind of looks like a cross). I wasn't able to easily do these in Sibelius, so I switched to just placing a + articulation above regular noteheads, and I think it's worked fine, and doesn't require me to use a different notehead for something that will produce the same sound as a regular note anyway.

Sidebar - One thing with notehead use is that (in my opinion), you should still be able to differentiate between closed note and open note rhythms. That's one reason I don't prefer notehead #2 for most percussion stuff. Due to it's ";open"; nature, it always looks like a 'half note' to me. At least with X noteheads, you can signify half/whole values by placing the circle around it.
Hi Hugh,

I generally use notehead 16 for crossovers since it's sort of an arrow pointing up, suggesting that the crossing hand goes aobve the other.

My $0.0325... to compensate for inflation.

First off, really excellent work on the template.  As far as note heads go,  I use note head 2 to notate crossovers.  Just wanted to send feedback.  Take it easy.
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