Balanced Instrument Sample Volumes

I have a request for the next round of VDL:  Balanced Instrument Sample Volumes

Maybe I have a configuration issue somewhere, but when I play a file that uses, say a percussion combo rack (cym., woodblocks, tamb., etc), every instrument seems to have a different playback representation of each dynamic.

I wish that when I have a tambourine and a woodblock playing from of the same staff, they would play at the same dynamic level.

Again, maybe I've got a config problem somewhere here, but I'm using a VDL template for my file, a Rack Combo (two staffs, one for each A and B), and the Kontakt2 player plug-in through Finale 2007.

What's up buddy! Long time no see.

I don't have 2.5 yet, but if you're able to use on compression on just that instrument, it may help a little.
I'm not a finale person, but if it has the same kind of ";auto expression"; thing that Sibelius has, it may be attempting to make things more ";musical"; my adding velocity nuances based on rhythmic patterns.

A finale buff will have to back me up on this (not sure how or where that setting is), but if it has the feature, I would turn it off.
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