Problems Loading Sounds in Kontakt 3


For some reason when I try to load VDL: 2 sounds into the new Kontakt 3, I am getting an error message that reads something about the sounds not being ";registered"; and I have to open the original applicaton at least once. 

I have no idea what this means because after checking with NI, the product is fully registered.  Could my pathway be set up wrong?  I am also having this problem with my original Garritan Personal Orchestra but not the new Garritan Concert and Marching Band.  Both of the GPO's are in he same place on my imac.  Any thoughts on this?



I can't say for certain but it may have something to do with the fact that VDL2 is a Kontakt Player 1 library and K3 may not be as reliable in reading their monoliths. VDL 2.5 may give you better results as it's a Kontakt Player 2 formatted library, which I've heard should be readable just fine in K3. If you haven't yet updated your GPO to the KP2 version, this would be fairly consistent with what you're saying since CMB is a KP2 library, but your other two aren't. It might be a good idea to upgrade to VDL 2.5 and the KP2 version of GPO.
Thanks Jim for the info.  I will update both VDL2 and GPO and see if that works.  I have a gut feeling that is the problem since the new GPO works fine.  I'll let you know.


I think you are correct.  I updated my GPO and it worked perfectly in Kontakt 3.  I ordered my VDL2 upgrade and it should be here in a few days.  I am assuming the upgrade will work for VDL2 as well.  If not, I will hit the boards back up.  Thanks!

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