Leopard NI Installer Patch missing sounds

So the installer patch worked without a hitch, and KP2 looked happily installed on my system so I didn't think anything of it, but yesterday I sat down to actually get some stuff written and I ran into the same problem someone else did--the VDL2.5 soudns (the .wav's themselves) are missing.

I don't have an archived version of the sounds anywhere, and I'd hate to roll back to Tiger just to get the sounds installed so I can reinstall Leopard and copy them.

Has anyone ran into this, found a workaround?  The .nkx files are there, but not the samples themselves.
The .nkx files actually contain the sample data. Are you sure you meant the .nkx files, or were you referring to the .nki or .nkc files that are currently there?

To get the .nkx files, simply put your VDL 2.5 DVD into your drive, and drag them from the DVD. There are three of them:
Virtual Drumline 2.5_001.nkx
Virtual Drumline 2.5_002.nkx
Virtual Drumline 2.5_003.nkx

These three files should be placed into the main level of your Virtual Drumline 2.5 folder alongside the Documentation, Instruments, and Multis folders.

Since these sample files can get quite large, there's no easy way for the NI hotfix to contain them. This unfortunately means a little manual dragging of files to get started on new Leopard installs. But once the files are in place, you shouldn't have to mess with it again.

Hope this helps!
I was referring to the .nki files actually, yeah.  I'm just at work so I posted it without being able to refer to what's actually on my harddrive.

OK--that sounds like what I need to do.  The actual error messages I was getting from KP2 were to the tune of ";missing file... so and so.wav"; so I thought the files were stored at the sample level somewhere in the file system and the installer needed to extract them from the large files on the DVD--admitted I've never looked at my usual VDL installations to see what actually gets put on the file system.

Thanks though, and wow @ the Sibelius 5.1 stuff.  Very tempting to upgrade, it looks great!


    I ran into the same problem. Tried to load up an instrument and it said it can't find the wav files. I am in the process of coping these massive files, but I'll let you all know what happens.
Ok, Jim is awesome and that fixed things right up. Yaaaay!

Let it be known that my mac pro can load a full battery and pit faster that my powerbook G4 could load only the drumline :)
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