Size of keyboard an issue with VDL 2.5?

I just purchased VDL 2.5 and am just getting geared up to begin learning my way around it.  I currently use an M-Audio 49 key MIDI controller for input into FINALE 2008.    Is there any adavantage to using an 88 key controller as opposed to my 49 key unit.  I need to purchase a new controller for school use and space is not an issue with my set-up, and hey the 88 key unit is only $30 more, so if it's going to improve workflow, I'm going to go for the 88 key unit.

I think it would make it easier if you are going to be entering some of the extended range notes on the Marimbas, or entering via Hyperscribe when you just want to play the notes in without trying to transpose.  I used a M-Audio Keystation 61-key just fine.  So it is financially feasible I think you will find that some things are a bit faster for you.
I agree with Coach. If space isn't an issue go for the 88-key or 61-key version. Some of the larger mapped instruments in VDL use a wide range of the keyboard (particularly basses and tenors) so it is handy not to have to continually shift octaves to access those notes.

All these keyboards will work just fine. It's just a matter of preference as to how much octave shifting you'll have to deal with. Personally, I prefer less octave shifting because it helps keep my mind on the music, rather than what octave my keyboard is sitting in. So I like using an 88-key controller on my main workstation.
If 88 keys isn't a problem, you'll have the excellent benefit of never shifting octaves.  Handy dandy!
Great.  I hate messing with the octave switches on my 49e and figured with VDL 2.5, it would be even worse as far as switching octaves.  I just found an M-Audio 88 key unit for $159 and (free shipping!) and I just ordered it.  Thanks for the quick responses. 

This forum is [u]outstanding.
Many thanks.
BTW, maybe a link for everyone?
Here's a link to the M-Audio 88es for $169.99 (free shipping)

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