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I just purchased VDL 2.5 and can't seem to get it to install on my Mac. I am currently running 10.5 and read about there being compatibility issues. That was about a month ago and I was wondering if there was an update or some sort of a patch to make this work. Any information would be helpful![/url]

This should be a link to a the NI website for the install patch for Leopard (10.5).�� If the link doesn't work, go to the second page of the Technical Stuff forum and look for NI Patch Released for Mac OS X Leopard.�� Hope this helps.


There seems to be a bit of trouble with NI's site right now (at least for me).  Once the link to the updates page of NI's site is accessible, download the installer patch.  You'll have to use the patch on every NI product you need to install, i.e., VDL2.5 AND Service Center.  Just run the patch, choose the volume (most likely your cd/dvd drive) choose the installation you need to patch, and it should do the rest.  Again, you'll need to do this with both VDL2.5 and Service Center.

Hope that helps.
Thanks a lot for all the help! I will try these and let you know how everything goes.
Is there another thread about why VDL doesn't install everything? I'm now getting an error message saying that files weren't found...

Again, thanks in advance for your help.
The NI hotfix is basically a patch to fix the older [b]installer[/b]. That's the only thing that was causing any sort of incompatibility with Leopard. This is the same type of installer that NI uses for all their applications, so the hotfix isn't just for VDL, but for many other things. As such, the hotfix isn't specific to VDL. What this means, is that the hotfix installer, just needs to be used in place of the installer that you find on the VDL 2.5 DVD.

I know this seems a little unintuitive, and it's a drag that you have to manually transfer a few files, but once you've done it, you'll be all set and won't have to worry about it. To complete your installation, simply insert your VDL 2.5 DVD, and drag the three .nkx files from the disk, into your [i]Virtual Drumline 2.5[/i] folder. Once those files are there, you shouldn't get the error message any more.

To clarify on the Leopard thing - users who already had VDL 2.5 installed, then upgraded to Leopard, will be just fine. The hotfix is only required when doing a fresh installation of VDL 2.5 on Leopard.

If there's a way we can make the install process and instructions a little clearer, we'll see what we can do. Thanks!
I having the same problem loading the library and I have tried everything discussed here. Whats next? Maybe I missed a step somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Did already have VDL2.5 installed before installing Leopard?  If you upgraded to Leopard before installing VDL2.5, you'll have to manually drag the three .nkx files from the DVD to the appropriate folder:  user/username/library/Tapspace/Virtual Drumline 2.5.
I upgraded then installed but the .nkx files were there so I tried dragging them in again. It seems like Leopard does not even recognize the file. All the instruments and samples are showing up on my hard drive as exec files. I'm thinking maybe i should reinstall everything. Thanks for the help Keith but problem still not solved.

Thank alot. Will I lose my second installation?

No. If this is the same machine you installed on before, your second install should remain untouched. The System ID needed to authorize the software is machine-specific and shouldn't change if you're simply reattempting to install it.
Step-by-step installation instructions for the NI Leopard hotfix have been moved to their own topic at:
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