Playback of more then 16 Channels

Hello all,

I'm trying to figure out how to run more then 16 channels for playback using Sibelius 4.1.5 and Kontakt 2.2.3.  I don't know if I need to activate another virtual midi cable or what to do exactly.  Actually, I'm still trying to get acquainted with my Mac and do not remember how I activated my first virtual mid cable.  Please help.  Thanks

I'm not in front of my Mac right now, but I'll take a stab at it.

You'll have to create a second IAC port under the audio/midi setup window.  You can name it anything you want, or just IAC Port 2.  Once you've got your second IAC port, in Kontakt, when you're loading an instrument into slot 17 for instance, click the pulldown where the middle channel is assigned.  In the first 16 slots, it probably says Midi Ch: (A) 1, for slot 1.  For slot 17-32, under the pulldown select your second IAC port.

Back in Sibelius, make sure both are active in your playback devices, and that whatever instrument needs to be linked up with slot 17 in Kontakt is using the second IAC port.

I hope all that makes sense.  I am definitely not as good as other people around here at step by step instructions.  Just trying to help.
A little more detail...I just grabbed my MacBook.

In the Sibelius Playback and Input Devices, open the audio midi setup window.  Double the IAC driver.  You should have at least one port, porbably IAC Bus 1.  Add a port, call it IAC Bus 2.  Some have separate names like Bus 1 Perc, Bus 2 Winds, etc.  Once you've got your second port created, then in Kontakt you'll use the pull down mentioned above to link everything up.
Thanks so much, but a couple of questions.  In Kontakt 2, in the audio/midi set up/midi/input interface, do I turn ";on"; both IAC ports?  Secondly, I haven't been able to get the second IAC port to show up in the mixer or playback/input devices in Sibelius, how do I adjust that for the channels 17 on?  Thanks again.
Not sure I understand your question about activation, but if you've already got Sibelius open, click Find New Devices and your second port should come up as an additional playback device.  In Kontakt, you'll need to go into Setup>Midi and make sure the desired ports are turned on under the input interface.  Just make sure they are turned OFF under OUTPUT.
Thanks Keith, your the man.
No problem.  I'm just glad I could actually answer a question around here.  Makes me feel like just a little less of a taker.  :)

I here ya there, hey one more thing.�� I'm not hearing any voices for channels 17 on.�� I'm sure it's something simple that I'm overlooking.�� Here's whats going down.

Kontakt 2
Midi Setup - input interface - IAC port 1 - on
Midi Setup - input interface - IAC port 2 - on

I'm only running once instance of Kontakt 2, I've just clicked on the 17-32 Channel slot.�� Port ";B"; is highlighted in the 17-32 Channel Slot

Sibelius Mixer
Device - IAC 2
Sound - Acoustic Piano
Bank High- off�� �� Bank Low - Off�� �� Program - 0�� �� �� �� �� �� ��
Volume - 100�� �� ��Pan - 90�� �� �� �� �� �� ��Channel - 17
Distance 150

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I do not hear anything in the test button.�� Thanks again.��

Quick note, Sibelius is not acknowledging the 17th Channel.  I think this is part of the problem, but don't know the solution.
In the Playback and Input Devices window in Sibelius, click the new IAC port you created; this may be needed to ";activate"; it, and that could have been what you were asking earlier.  Sorry if I missed that.
Great answers Keith. Thanks for helping steer the way here!

One thing you may be a little confused on Jeremy - when assigning midi channels in the Sibelius mixer, all channels will be in values of 1-16 regardless of which MIDI port you're using.

IAC Port 1 - channels 1-16
IAC Port 2 - channels 1-16 (not channels 17-32)
IAC Port 3 - channels 1-16 (rather than  33-48)

The ";pages"; in Kontakt 2, aren't necessarily referring to midi channels. Page one loads instruments 1-16, page 2 loads instruments 17-32, etc.
Ah, thanks for clearing things up Jim!
Thanks guys, I'll give that a shot. 
O.K. I clicked on the port for the IAC 2 in the Playback and Input Devices menu, and no sound was played back.  Clicking on IAC 1 gave me a scale with different instruments.  Clicking on Kontakt Silver gave me a scale as well with a saxophone sound. 

Thanks Jim for clarifying the channels.  I have that loaded in the Sibelius mixer properly and can receive sound in Kontakt 2 when I highlight an instrument and click on the midi keyboard in the program.  But something about the IAC 2 is not communicating between Sibelius and Kontakt 2.  Do I need to open a second instance of Kontakt 2?  Thanks again
Fletch, do you have any instruments loaded into your second ";page"; (channels 17-32) of Kontakt yet?  If there's nothing loaded, then when the test runs you won't hear anything.
Yes, I have 6 different channels of instruments loaded for channels 17-32.�� The first 16 channels on IAC 1 playback fine.
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