Probably a really dumb question, but....

I have been trying to get up and running with VDL 2.5 & Finale 08.  Everything is rolling along, I've got instruments assigned (both drums & keys) but I can't seem to figure out how to get to 2 or more of the same instrument-(Vibes 1, Vibes 2 or Marimba 1, 2, 2)) to both sound correctly.  I have vibes 1 sounding, but not vibes 2, marimba 1 sounds, but not 2,3 or 4).  I know it's got something to do with the MIDI channel assignment, but I can't seem to find it in the manual.

Thanks in advance.
Scott--  I really appreciate your quick reply to my question  I think I followed what you were saying about assigning the sounds to all of my staves (16) to fit into the first 16 channels, I don't need to use the second bank yet.  What I have done to make it work is assign all 4 of my marimbas to Channel 7 in my Finale Instrument list and both of my vibes to channel 7.  I now have playback to both vibes and all 4 marimbas.  My question this the most efficient way to assign the sounds and will I have problems with multiple instruments sharing the same channel in the Instrument List?
Hey, Allegro.  Not a dumb question at all.  I also th ink there is something with the Channel Assignment that you have going on.  Take a survey of what channel numbers you are using from the WINDOW MENU -->INSTRUMENT LIST and then when you go to the MIDI/AUDIO MENU -->VST SETUP you will want to look at each of the banks (depending on which channels you are using) and make sure that you have the sound loaded into the correct position in the Kontakt Player.  For Example - Let's say your Marimba 2 sound was on Channel 20, you would then make sure that you have Kontakt Player loaded into the second ";bank"; of sounds in the VST SETUP window for channels 17-32.  When you click edit, the Marimba should be the 4th sound loaded.  If you look under the Instrument name on the sound that is loaded, you will see that it says soemthing like ";[A]4"; etc.  this would mean that this is the 4th sound in that bank - making that equal to Channel 20. 

This process is kind of confusing, but I think once there is an understanding of how the numbers and channels match up you will be breezing through this process.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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