Cymbal Playback Problem

I need help here.  I'm using VDL2.5, Sib 5.1 on Windows XP with over 2GB of RAM.  I loaded the Cymbal All voice.  I can get the playback on the Port, Orchestral and Flat Crashes.  But I get nothing when trying to employ the Crunch Choke or Hi Hat Choke for example.  The notehead is the ";x"; you would expect to see for that note configuration.  I can hear them when using my MIDI input keyboard (Roland HS-60) when I input them onto the score.  But after they are on the score and I either use my mouse to select them or during playback, I hear nothing.

I'm using the VDL 2 Keymaps.  I did the export and import of the template and have selected the Tapspace Virtual Drumline (VDL2.5) on the Kontakt Player soundset in the Active Devices option.

What am I missing?

Steve, do you have the correct articulations added? The ";crunch choke"; needs to have a + added, and the ";hihat choke"; needs to have a staccato marking. These are displayed in the Cymbal Line All keymap in the Readme, and without the proper articulations, you won't get the correct sounds during playback.

Here is a fuzzy picture that will hopefully help you understand the [b]Cymbal Line All[/b] instrument a little better.


Like Jim said, any of the sounds in the picture you want will need either the ";+"; or staccato marking on it. Also note the six different staff placements and their resultant sounds.

These two sets of sounds will not trigger a sound when you just ";click"; your cursor on them. However, you should hear everything just fine during playback.

Hope that helps

Jim/Hugh, thank you both.  That was the missing element!  Something I'm sure I (once again) skimmed over when reading Hugh's extremely informative VDL/Sib 5.1 instruction.  There's a lot in there Hugh, an excellent document, but unfortunately I'm sometimes in a hurry a miss important little elements of functionality.

Again, thanks to both of you.

Glad to hear you've got it fixed. Some of those little articulations can sneak by you. Luckily (as you've said), Hugh's documentation is very detail oriented, so it's an easy thing to look up if you need to. I'm sure certain articulations will simply become a matter of habit after using it for some time.
A quick forum search yielded the answer to this question.  Thanks fellas.
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