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Has anyone made (if it is possible) a instrument.txt file for VDL 2.5? I would like to get one or attempt to make one, but I have NO idea what the LibraryID is for VDL. Anyone know how I can find this?

I have been working on a finale .txt file for VDL:2.5 for the last week or two. As of now, the Finale 2007 or 2008 wizard will be able to select the correct instrument and load the correct patch into KP2.

The issue I am having at this time, is to have Finale correctly interpret which staff type, percussion map and which channel to load each sound into appropriate slots in KP2.

Makemusic are providing very little support so I am having to just keep on tweaking the text files until something works. I have been able to set up the staves correctly including the correct percussion maps however for all instruments using a percussion clef, they are only loaded into slot 10 of multiple KP2 instances. All treble clef instruments load in the other slots 1-9 and 11-16. BTW, I have noted the same issue with Garritan CMB, GPO and JABB (all percussion clef instruments are loaded into only slot 10 like the old midi percussion tracks)

I hope to have this done in the next couple of weeks as the Finale Instrument.txt file will also need to be modified to tell Finale how to set up each staff but I have been holding off until I figure out the slot 10 issue.

If you want to use the wizard but go ahead and set up each stave manually, I can send you the VDL txt file I have but again all staves will be loaded as standard, with treble clefs and no percussion maps.

I would actually love to have what you have done so far. :)
If you want, you can send me the text files that you have and I can take a look.�� In order for this to load correctly, the VDL text file that is set to ";load"; the sounds automatically needs to be in the Finale AU/VST folder in your Finale 200X Folder.�� This would need to call the exact .nki file:

DisplayName = Flute Player 1
InstType       = Flute
Patch = 73
SampleFile = 1. Woodwinds/1. Flutes/Flute Plr1.nki

I believe this is hardwired into the program where, when choosing to ";load as separate channels"; is chosen, they will load into different bank.
Hi Scott,

The VDL text file is set up correctly, is in the correct VST folder and working as expected. This said, I will most likely have to adjust the naming convention for commonality as I get closer to a fully functional file. The correct patches load with no problems the only problem is getting the patches to load in slots 1-16 on the same KP2 instance and then 1-16 on the 2nd instance etc....

I believe I will be able to have all pitched instruments load with the correct staves etc.. the only issue is the non-pitched instruments with a percussion type staff, with a percussion map as they will load into separate instances of the KP2 player all in slot 10. This may not bother others, but I like the patches loaded in the same order as they are on the chart I am working with.

Once I update the Finale Instrument.txt file, I will post the files here so anyone can use them. There is still a lot of typing and formatting required before this will be worthwhile to Finale users.

Derek - thanks for your offer to supply this to VDL/Finale users. This setup wizard could be a really nice productivity enhancements. I'm unfamiliar with the various settings needed, but if you need a library ID that identifies Virtual Drumline 2.5, try using [b]801[/b]. I'm not sure of the syntax you'll need to use, but if the simple 801 doesn't work, maybe try [b]k2lib0801[/b]. I'm sure this is a lot of busy work, but hopefully will pay off when it's done. Thanks again for offering this, and we'll look forward to seeing how it progresses!

Hi Jim,

Yes the library number is 801, no specific syntax required. I just got confirmation from the Finale folks that there will be a limitation on how the setup wizard will work. All non-pitched percussion staves will only load into slot 10 due to older midi / soundfont convention. I should have some working txt files over the next couple of weeks as I only get limited time to work on this. I will keep you all updated.
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