Bizarre dreadlock/puff playback

I have been using Sibelius 4 and VDL2 since it came out on a regular basis.  Recently for some odd reason, the velocity playback of dreadlock and puff parts on tenor and snares has gone haywire.  If I input a whole bar of 16ths as a dread part, the part automically starts a drastic decrescendo, then accenting a note at full velocity and decresc. again and again.  Even if I highlight the whole bar and assign a fixed live velocity for every note it still plays back weird.  Very bizarre issue, wondering if anyone has had this problem. 
Hi Ian,

If you're using VDL2 (not 2.5), and are experiencing the weird diminuendo on certain sounds, it may have something to do with the library you're using. We release a library update (library version 1.5) for VDL2 that fixed these. If you haven't yet upgraded to VDL2 library version 1.5, you can grab it at:

Be sure to follow the installation instructions so you're putting things in the right spot. Let us know if that does or doesn't fix the problem.
No luck there.  I just did the update, installed it correctly with the 1.5 library showing etc.  Reloaded Sibelius and Kontakt, which are running on different computers.  The weird part is that no matter what I do, old scores, new scores, anything the playback issue keeps happening.  The guy I write with is having the exact same issue on his computer.  What would have possibly changed to suddenly make the library freak out?  Could this be Kontakt 2 related? 
Since you mentioned using two computers, when you did the library update (to VDL2 lib. version 1.5) did you install the VDL2 library update on BOTH machines? Also (i have a feeling this may fix it), if you're using a saved ";Multi"; for Kontakt 2, I would suggest you reload your tenorline and snareline instruments, replacing the ones that are currently existing. If you have time, I'd suggest reloading ALL instruments in your multi so they'll reflect the programming fixes that are a part of the 1.5 update. By using an multi that was loading the old versions, those programming fixes won't be reflected until you reload the sounds.
All hail Lord Casella!!!  You are the master, I humbly bow at your geniusry...reloading the instruments, money...cheers!
Excellent! Glad we've solved the mystery Ian, and thanks for bestowing such a great compliment as ";geniusry."; I'll keep that one in the back pocket to use again. :)
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