OT: Hang (Hung) Drum

If you haven't seen this . . .  It's a must
Can we get a sample of this jim? :)
Its made by a pan maker in sweden. . . Check it out.


Man, that is cool!

Nice find, Mr. Green! That file will go into the archives.
I know what I'm adding to my Christmas list!
my understanding is they are pretty hard to get a hold of, but maybe one of our users has one and would donate it to the cause????

I was going to buy until I found out how rare they are (how hard to get!)
Yes, they are apparently very difficult to actually get one. You need to have ";connections"; from what I've heard. They are very cool though, I'd love to have one to play with.
If there's anywhere that you can find people with connections it's gotta be this place.  :)
VERY cool!
I've wanted one for a while, but you need lots of money (several thousand) and unless you can get a reseller stateside the company wants you to come all the way to Sweden to buy one.�� Gew.

You can play the bottom of the instrument like an Udo drum (it has a large opening).�� Such a versatile/beautiful instrument. ��

This guy does a really nice expo on the drum top and bottom and does a little playing (he's a little heavy on the hippy, but still very cool.):


One day I'll have it. :P
[quote]One day I'll have it.[/quote]
Ditto that. . .
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