VDL 2.5 Library Problems

Hello all,

I just recieved 2.5 today from UPS.  I've gone through the install process as described in the ";READ ME"; as well as the ";Installation Guide";.  I also have sucessfully registarted my version of 2.5 throught the NI Service Center.  My problem seems that my VDL 2.5 Library doesn't show up in the Kontakt 2 Player to load instruments.  Here are hopefully some helpful clues. 

   VDL 2.5 Serial Number is present
   System ID is present
   Activation Key is present
    (the following reads)
   Standanlone   ---      VST ---
   RTAS  ---                   AU  ---
(*VDL 2 has update numbers next to these plug in types*)

In the KONTAKT 2 Player Library Info

   About:  Big Red X next to VDL 2.5/ Big Red X next to Serial #
   Update:  VDL 2.5 updates has a Big Red X/ Check software upgrades has Big Red X
   Registration:  Two Big Red X's
   Forum:  Two Big Red X's
   Support:  Two Big Red X's

Notice on Library install path:  If I press Choose, and find the library, it says ";Kontakt Player 2  no K2 compatible library was found on the chosen location!  Click Yes to try again, or No to create.";

Kontakt 2 is loaded into my applications folder, but my instrument libraries are loaded into my second hard drive folder.  Please help get this figured out.  Thanks

I reinstalled the program, left the library set up in same applications folder as the Kontakt 2 Player, and things seem to work well right now.��

Quick question.  If I have multi's saved from the Kontakt 2 Player (Red) w/ VDL 2 instruments, would they be able to transfer into the VDL 2.5 Kontakt Player?
[quote author=Fletch99 link=topic=2122.msg10941#msg10941 date=1196397855]
I reinstalled the program, left the library set up in same applications folder as the Kontakt 2 Player, and things seem to work well right now.��

Quick question.�� If I have multi's saved from the Kontakt 2 Player (Red) w/ VDL 2 instruments, would they be able to transfer into the VDL 2.5 Kontakt Player?

Glad you were able to get the library installation resolved. Most likely the library files were just not residing in the expected default location.

Regarding your second question, I assume you mean Kontakt 2 multis. You won't be able to load those into Kontakt Player 2, unless the multis you've saved consist of Kontakt Player 2 formatted libraries. So VDL2 instruments (or multis) will not load into Kontakt Player 2.
Thanks Jim. 
My Sibelius Sound Essentials library has dissappeared. I've been trying to tell Sib 5.1 where it is, but I think I have just made things worse.

If I do a reinstall on Sib 5.1, am I going to have to reinstall my VDL library as well? I installed before the leopard update, I was just curious. Thanks!

Ralph - when you say your Sibelius Sounds Essentials library disappeared, do you mean that the library just vanished? It should be most likely be located (default) at:
Macintosh HD>Applications>Sibelius Software>Sibelius Sounds>Essentials

Or do you mean Kontakt Player 2 is no longer displaying the proper graphics and such? Usually when this happens it means the library folder has been manually moved, or the ";path to library"; setting (in the library's INFO window) has been reset to a location where the library doesn't live.

If you didn't remove the library, I doubt it just disappeared from your machine and would refrain from reinstalling if possible. It'd be better to fix whichever settings may have caused the glitch. But I may not be getting the whole story from your post. Let me know if there are some details that would better explain what you're actually experiencing.
My bad.

I try to open a file that uses Sib Essentials and I get that wonderful ";file not found"; message. I go to the Kontakt Player, where on the left side I normally see a blue graphic for Sibelius Essentials, a graphic for Virtual Drumline, and a graphic for Garritan Marching Band. The VDL and GCMB are still there, but the Blue Essentials graphic is gone.
The Sibelius website says to click on Info to tell Sibelius where the files are, but the ";info"; button is on the graphic which is not there:) I tried working my way around to loading a sample manually, but no luck.

Hope this helps a little better.
Thanks for the extra info Ralph. When you're doing this, are you launching Kontakt Player 2 in stand-alone mode? If so, you won't see Essentials. It's only visible if you're hosting it directly as a plug-in in Sibelius. Launch Sibelius, go to Playback Devices, select an instance of KP2 from the ";Active Devices"; pane, and click the ";show"; button. Any luck there?

The ";file not found"; message is likely due to an incorrect sound set being assigned to one of your active devices. For example, if you assigned ";GPO"; as the sound set, but you don't actually have GPO on your machine, you'll receive that message.

I followed what you said, and no luck there either. This might be a continuation of my previous post about using two computers. I created the file on my desktop and it worked fine with Essentials, I work on it at Region Band last night on my laptop and again, worked fine. Now this morning when I went back to my desktop is when my world imploded.

I";m in damage control mode now. I thought I was smarter than I really am with this stuff (as usual) and tried reinstalling Essentials from the disk. No luck there either.
I'm in a terrible mood already (Breakfast with Santa this morning was an absolute disaster with the kids) and don't really have the time or patience at the moment to figure this out. So I guess back to my original question, if I say ";@#$# you computer"; and just reinstall Sibelius will I have to go back and reinstall my VDL library?

Appreciate the help Jim, I'll try not to take up anymore of your weekend with this:) The mall is calling me...
Ah, what would consumer hell be without some computer problems to pile on top? Good times...

Reinstalling Sibelius and/or Essentials should have no bearing on your VDL 2.5 installation. So you have that going for you. :)

I'm not certain, but the Essentials installer on the Sibelius 5 DVD may have the Leopard installation problem so take this one step at a time. You'll probably need to use the NI Installer Patch. There is some extra information about this here:

If you're using Hugh's template and updated VDL sound set, you may want to reinstall the sound set (the .xml file) for good measure:

Hang in there!
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