Notehead Changes not working properly

Hey guys,
I was putting something into Sibelius earlier today and things were working fine... then i began working on something new, and for some reason the notehead changes don't match what is in the README. When i change the noteheads to 40 or to 1 for the TenorLine Manual, I should be getting the rims sound, but i get the shots sound instead... also with the basses when i try to do shots on the basses (using BassLine AUTORL)  and i change those noteheads to the designated ones, i get no sound at all... any suggestions? I just double checked to make sure the XML file included in the read me is in the proper folder.... C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Sibelius Software\Sibelius 5\Sounds ... i had to create the sounds folder... could there be a setting that i accidentally changed somewhere that i am missing now?


Sibelius 5.1
M-Audio Keystation 49-e
Windows Vista
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ok so i retract my previous statement... i recently did wipe of my HDD... and upon re-installing everything, i missed installing sibelius 5.1, i guess i for some reason i just had a brain fart... oops... installing 5.1 now, i will leave a new post telling if everything works
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