Issues w/ Finale 07 + M Audio Oxygen 8v2

First things first: PC, 1G memory, Win XP, Finale 2007, M Audio Oxygen 8v2, VDL 2.5

I first installed VDL a little over a month ago and everything worked fantastic.  No problems, no slowdowns.  About a week ago, my Oxygen wasn't working with speedy note entry.  When I tried to open the MIDI settings menu, Finale froze for about four or five minutes before the menu would open.  Once it did, I found that my settings had disappeared and my Oxygen was no longer a choice for an input device. I then reinstalled the Oxygen, waited the five minutes for the MIDI settings menu to open, selected it as the input device, only to find out that it still didn't work.  The strange thing is that the only thing that changed about my setup was I registered VDL with the NI service center a few days before this problem occurred.  Could that have anything to do with this?  Should I do a complete deinstall - reinstall?

Just as a side note, everything else about Finale and VDL work fine.  Playback, regular note entry, etc.
Does Finale work fine with the Ox8 when not using VDL? Does VDL work fine with the Ox8 when in stand alone mode? M-Audio drivers are known to be a bit flakey from time to time. Check to make sure you have the latest drivers for the keyboard as well.

Ted Boliske
I agree with Ted.  M-Audio Drivers are known to just ";fall off"; at times and then work again.  You could try deleting the Finale Preferences to see if that will reset it.  If this does not work, it may be a good idea to either restart, or Reinstall the drivers for your Keyboard - or BOTH.

[li]Go to the [b]C:\Program Files\Finale 2007[/b] directory[/li]
[li]Look for the [b]Finale.ini[/b] and [b]FINMIDI.ini[/b] and delete both of the files.[/li]

You should now be able to restart Finale and have it reset your settings/
I usually suggest that it's best to download the drivers directly from the manufacturer's website to ensure you're getting the most up-to-date versions. Often the drivers you received on the disk that came with the keyboard may be outdated. I suppose there may be times where that's not advisable, but most often I think it applies. Maybe you already did that, but just in case, you may want to download the current drivers from
Excellent, a quick reinstall of the updated drivers from M-Audio fixed it.  Thanks everyone for your help.
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