Duplicate Invoice

I seem to have lost my original invoice for VDL2.5 and it's time to turn in my monthly statement and invoices.  Who can I contact at Tapspace for a duplicate and what info do I need to have ready?

Thanks in advance!

Here is a link to the Contact page.  You should be able to call the office and they will be able to get you all situated.

Thanks Coach!  Would anything else besides a serial number be needed?
I would imagine we should be able to find you with the serial number alone.
Assuming you bought it from Tapspace. If not, you'd need to contact the dealer where you purchased it. It may help to know the timeframe in which you purchased so the invoice can be more easily located.
Thanks guys.  I did buy it from Tapspace on 10/30.  Jim, I left a message at Tapspace and haven't gotten a call back.  That's not a complaint, I'm just wondering if I should email instead.

No worries Keith. Business hours do tend to fluctuate at ";world headquarters."; Sometimes email may get you a quicker response time. Try info@tapspace.com, and someone should be able to look this up and get you all squared away before the end of the day.
Got a call from Murray and got another invoice emailed.  Life is good!
Awesome. Glad you're all squared away Keith!
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