Instrument Definition Issues

In Finale, I started a new project from the Template, and now I want to add a new staff.  When I open the Instrument Definition menu, I rename it and assign it a MIDI channel.  When I click save, the menu closes but makes to no changes.  How do I get that information to stick?  Is this a total rookie mistake or am I doing something seriously wrong?

Not sure if this problem was brought up before, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
If you want to change the name of the instrument as shown in the score and parts that is done through the Staff Attributes menu. It looks as though you made your changes in the Instrument window. This will help when you go to play back your file, just not the page layout.

Ted Boliske
Got it.  Thanks.
[quote author=rblew13 link=topic=2135.msg11024#msg11024 date=1196804052]
Ok. Thanks.

That solves my staff name issue, but my real problem is getting the MIDI channel what I tell it to be.�� It just goes back to 0 when after I click OK.

Are you talking about the [b]Instrument List[/b] window? As Ted mentioned, this is where you assign MIDI channels for your various staves. I don't recall there being an ";OK"; button there. It might help if you could give a more detailed account of what exactly you are doing. It sounds like you may be unclear on some basic Finale functionality. Have you done much reading of your Finale documentation yet? Their documentation is very extensive and quite good.
Jim, yeah, I discovered the Instrument List window about five minutes after I posted.  I had never used it before because I had always used the default Finale channel setups and wizards.  I know....bad move on my part.  I've got it all figured now.  Thanks everyone.
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