Finale 2008, VDL2.5 Playback Problems

I know this topic has popped up with other versions of Finale but it hasn't helped me much unfortunately.

I finally got the Virtual Midi Keyboard to beginning notating into Finale. However when I want to playback what I've notated, there is no sound whatsoever.

Here are my settings:

[b]Virtual Midi Keyboard[/b] - Midi Port: Out to MIDI Yoke 1
[b]Finale 2008[/b] -Midi Setup- Midi In: In from MIDI Yoke 1, Midi Out: Out to MIDI Yoke 2
[b]VDL2.5[/b] -Audio/Midi Setup- In from MIDI Yoke 1/On, In from Midi Yoke 2/ON

If anymore details are needed than that, please let me know.

Computer Specs
[b]Dell XPS 400[/b]
Pentium D 2.8Ghz
Win XP
3.0GBs RAM
Sound Blaster Live! 24bit Soundcard
Thanks a lot Jim!

That helped out a lot. I suppose the reason why I kept using VDL in stand alone, was I followed the tutorial on how to use the virtual midi keyboard written by Coach(great tutorial by the way, helped tons).

But considering I forgot about using the VST, this should fix my problems.

Once again, Thanks!

[EDIT] Alright! I got it fixed, as soon as I used the VST in Finale 2008, the playback started. Once again thanks!
Hi JT - thanks for including your settings. That helps a lot!

It looks like you have things properly configured to send OUT of the virtual keyboard IN to Finale. So in theory, that's good to go in terms of your ";input device.";

The next question I had for you was why you're running VDL 2.5 in stand-alone mode? Since you're using Finale 2008, there would be less fussing with virtual midi cables if you just hosted VDL as a VST plug-in. That's generally a cleaner way to operate.

If you want to stick to the old stand-alone/virtual midi cable method, that's fine. In that case, you'd want to make sure that the only device set to ON in the KP2 MIDI INPUT is Midi Yoke 2 (since that's what Finale is sending OUT through).  Also be sure that ";MIDI Thru"; (in Finale) is set to ";Smart"; so when you've selected a bar with Finale's speedy entry tool, it'll activate the correct instrument. The only other thing you may want to check on is that the channel numbers on each instrument (in KP2) match the channels that are set in Finale's Instrument List window.
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