Finale 2008 Smart Wizard Functionality - Beta Test

Hello All:

I have some test files for Finale 2008 I would like to offer out to VDL:2.5 / Finale 2008 users as a beta test. These files will allow Finale Smart Wizard integration with VDL and ultimately some workflow enhancements.

All instruments that are included in the VDL package will be selectable through the smart wizard however Finale will only correctly configure the staves and percussion maps (if required) for all of the pitched instruments and only the non-pitched instruments supported with a percussion map in the current VDL template for Finale 2008.

All non-pitched, percussion map challenged instruments will load with the correct patch in KP2 and a standard staff with treble clef and obviously no percussion map in Finale.

It is my hope to get some folks testing this functionality before I spend any more time further developing these files and percussion maps.

If you want to try this out, drop me an e-mail at and I will send you the files and instructions. If the initial testing looks good, maybe Jim can host the files on the Tapspace website.

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Finale 2007 test files are also now available

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