Finale 2008a update available for download from MM

Just saw this on the Finale boards ....

Finale 2008a updaters are now officially available for download from our website


This update includes:
· Compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard - Support for Macintosh OS 10.5 including Spotlight and Quick Look.
· Improvements to saving audio files with Garritan and other VST/AU sounds – Saving an audio file is no longer done in real-time. The process is now quicker on fast machines, and slower machines will produce better-sounding results.
· Further enhancements to cut/copy/paste - Copying stack items more intelligently when the destination document has a different number of staves, retaining tablature string alterations when copying and pasting, and more.
· Improved placement of lyrics hyphens, especially in tight spacing.
· Several improvements to Finale script, MIDI file tempo data, EPS graphics, ScoreMerger, Rebar Music, and more.

Looks helpful especially with the improved audio functions with VST...

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