Help with Sib. 4.1

Although this has nothing to do with virtual drumline, Some of you might still be able to help. I have posted this on the Sibelius help forums already.  Thought I might as well post here too. ....

I have been using Sibelius for a long time now with no problems. However, now my playback sound is gone. It seems to be a problem with my general MIDI. When I go to play-->playback and input devices, and click ";test"; on my MIDI source, it plays the test notes perfect. When i go to the score and try to play the music, nothing comes out. I have checked the mixer settings, and they are set to be played through my GM (general midi) and they are not muted.

Any help/suggestions would be great


Start by clicking the ";reset sounds"; button. If necessary, reassign each staff slider to the correct setting in the ";sound";pulldown menu in the mixer.
Thanks for the reply Jim but still no luck.
If i put notes in the score and hit play, i can look in the mixer in sibelius and it shows the notes are being played.  The green volume bars light up on the instruments telling me that they are being used, but i here no sound.  This is very strange.
You may want to check and make sure you're using staff types in Sibelius that are mapped correctly. If you're trying to use staff types that are mapped to pitches that don't exist in your GM soundcard, you won't hear anything. You can change these by selecting the first bar of a staff, then going to create>other>staff type change.

This is certainly something that may be better answered by the folks at Sibelius though I'd recommend you go that route.
Thanks again for the reply.  I'm getting help from someone at sibelius but no luck yet.  Hopefully I'll get this figured out.  I can use VDL2.5 through my Virtual Midi Cable, but my general midi is messed up.
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