Some Sibelius 5.1 settings/questions

A few questions... with the crush articulation, is there any way to make it appear within the stem rather than above the note? and also what settings are you guys using for flams? mine sound very ";ruff-ish"; if that makes any sense... lol... i am using all the default settings in Sibelius 5.1

That little squiggly is called a ";mordent.";  In mainstream notation, this is an ornamental articulation so we're being somewhat liberal with assigning it to crushes like this. There are some ways to assign the vertical placement of articulations in Sibelius, but in this case it's rather clumsy. Ideally, what you're probably wanting is for it to be attached to the stem as with other tremolo slashes. But those are a different function. We tried finagling this custom articulation to appear more ";on the stem"; but since stem lengths vary depending on beaming and melodic direction, there wasn't a surefire way to make it look right. So its current state is what we had to settle on. Call it ugly function I guess.

If it drives you nuts, you can hide it, then simply place another mordent as a symbol and drag it into position over the staff. Not sure if all the extra clicking and nudging is worth it, but it's an option...
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... and also what settings are you guys using for flams? mine sound very ";ruff-ish"; if that makes any sense...


Hello Justin

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by ruff-ish, but I am going to guess that they are sounding too wide/open to you. ??

One of the settings we made for the flams was to have the default position a little closer to the main note - this in turn would make the flams sound tighter. However, if this still does not quite get the results you want, then you may find this thread to be useful:

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Jim, Gabe...
Thanks for the response... as far as the ";mordent"; goes, i think i will just leave it as is... it doesnt bother me, i was just seeing if it was possible, and now that i see it is through a few steps i might try toying with it when i have some free time... and with the flams, i think they do sound too open to me, but sometimes they sound fine when i export audio and sometimes they sound too open, could the tempo have anything to do with this? cuz i know in Finale the tempo would have some effect on how you had to set the EDU's.
Thanks again...
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