Finale 2007-08 users - Help wanted to test Smart Wizard for VDL

This is a request for some assistance in testing Mad Kiltie's new Smart Wizard implementation for VDL and Finale. It applies to version 2007 and 2008.

You can download the ";beta"; version of the read-me, and all necessary files [u][b][url=]here.[/url][/b][/u]

If you are interested in kicking around these new tools and providing Mad Kiltie with some feedback, it'll help ensure things work as expected. Making these sorts of customizations can be very time consuming, and he's doing a great service for VDL/Finale users by offering this. If you can, please help by giving it a look, and [u][url=;sa=send;u=1016]provide your feedback directly to Mad Kiltie via private message[/url].[/u]

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. And thanks also to Mad Kiltie who's been so generous to offer his time and skills to make this a possibility!!
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