Midisport Uno drivers for Leopard

If anyone else uses M-audio stuff to connect their devices, you should know that m-audio has not yet released drivers for many of their products that support leopard. But don't let that stop you! I found this little gem today that should get you up and running until a driver comes out.

MidiSportLoader supports the following devices:
MidiSport UNO
MidiSport 1x1
MidiSport 2x2
MidiSport 4x4
MidiSport 8x8
KeyStation (old models: 49, 61)
Oxygen8 (v1)
Radium 49
Radium 61
I tried this driver at home a couple days ago, and it works [b]great[/b].�� If you are someone who runs Parallels, be aware that only one OS (virtual machine or the main OSX) can use the device at a time.�� The Virtual Machine will ask you if you want it to connect.��
This is great info Charlie (and Scott). Thanks for posting it here!!
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