Installing VDL on Leopard with NI Hotfix

[size=12pt][color=Maroon][b]RECENT UPDATE:[/b] Please note: Native Instruments has now made available an official KONTAKT PLAYER installer patch for Leopard. This most recent patch is what you should use, rather than the 'Hotfix' discussed in the thread below. The previous hotfix wasn't designed for Kontakt Player, but was a workaround to help Leopard users get past the DVD installer problem. The Kontakt Player Leopard patch is available for free download here:

Here's a step-by-step process to doing a fresh VDL 2.5/Leopard installation using the Leopard Installer Patch:

1) Download the NI Leopard Installer Patch [b][url=]here[/url].[/b]

2) Insert your VDL 2.5 DVD into your DVD drive.

3) Run the NI Leopard Installer Patch (the one you downloaded in step 1).

4) When it gets to the part that asks you to select a [b]disk or folder containing the installer application[/b], navigate to your DVD drive.

5) Since the VDL 2.5 DVD contains two installers (one for VDL, the other for Service Center), you'll get a message asking you to [b]select the installer application to patch[/b]. Click the one that says [b]Virtual Drumline 2.5[/b] then click [b]OK[/b].

6) Once the installer gets going, it'll likely display a [b]Select Destination[/b] window. Select [b]Applications[/b] (It should have a green arrow pointing to this selection), then click [b]Continue[/b].

7) The next screen brings you to the [b]Installation Type[/b]. Most likely, you'll want to leave this set to [b]Easy Install[/b], then click [b]Install[/b].

8.) Next, you'll be asked to [b]select a destination folder for the Virtual Drumline 2.5 library[/b]. This is where it's easy to go wrong. Once you click OK, you'll be asked to [b]choose a folder[/b]. This is where the ";Tapspace"; folder (which will contain the VDL 2.5 folder) will live. [b]Set this to install into your Applications folder.[/b] It's okay if there's already a Tapspace folder there (for instance, if you still have your VDL2 installed). Once you've selected your ";Applications"; folder, click the Choose button, and the installation will continue. When the installer has completed, you'll see a screen saying so, at which point you may click the ";Quit"; button (Don't worry about installing Service Center at the moment).

9) Using the NI Patch, it's likely that the .nkx files may not have installed. So you'll need to manually drag them from the VDL 2.5 DVD into: [i]Applications>Tapspace>Virtual Drumline 2.5.[/i] Here are the three files you need to drag into this folder:

Virtual Drumline 2.5_001.nkx
Virtual Drumline 2.5_002.nkx
Virtual Drumline 2.5_003.nkx
[i]Note: you'll probably see [b].nkc [/b]files in the folder already, but you need move the [b].nkx[/b] files as well. This is important.[/i]

Once the .nkx files have been properly copied to the VDL 2.5 folder, launch Kontakt Player 2 (Applications>Kontakt Player 2), and verify that you can view VDL 2.5 in the left hand browser column of KP2. When you attempt loading an instrument, if you get the ";missing samples"; message, it probably means you copied the .nkx files to the wrong folder.

Once instruments are loading properly, it's probably a good time to install the NI Service Center so you can register the VDL 2.5 library. Since you're doing this on Leopard, it's advisable to do this using the Leopard Installer Patch as well, but when you navigate to your VDL DVD, you'll choose ";Service"; rather than VDL.

Hope this helps!
Hello Jim,

I just got a MacBook Pro, and I was trying to install VDL 2.5 with the NI Installer patch.  When prompted to select the installer application to patch, I selected the DVD drive, but I was not able to highlight the VDL 2.5 installer because it was not available.  Any ideas on what's wrong?  Thanks for your time.

I am having the same exact issue except it is with my imac.  the vdl 2.5 installer is not highlighted and will not let me select it.

Calvin Warren III
Are you on 10.5.1 or 10.5?  Have you done any other system updates to make sure you are current?
I am on 10.5.1. I should be current. Can anyone help? I need to get this up and running by sunday. Any help would be appreciated.
I got it figured out, well for me, at least. What I did is I double clicked the virtual drumline 2.5 installer( when you get to the DVD drive ) it didn't highlight it but I clicked open and it still opened it. Weird, but it might work for someone else as well.

hope this helps......

Calvin Warren III
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