Sib 5.1 Template v1.0.5 - This is an UPDATE!

Hello forum

If you go to the [b][url=]updates page[/url][/b] on the Tapspace website you will find an updated [b]Template[/b] and [b]Readme[/b] ready for downloading.

Here is a list of what was added or changed for v1.0.7:

[li]Good things yet to come.[/li]

Here is a list of what was added or changed for v1.0.5 (the sound set was not modified from v1.0 even though it is included):

[li]";Dut!"; sounds added to [b]BassLine[/b] mappings - see diagrams in Readme[/li]
[li]Crossover noteheads added to [b]TenorLine[/b] and [b]Tenor Solo[/b] mappings - see diagrams, et al[/li]
[li]Fixed [b]Granite Blocks[/b] and [b]Temple Blocks[/b]' rolls to properly be triggered with 4/8 tremolos (2/3 slashes)[/li]
[li]Added three [b]4-Octave Vibes[/b] instruments[/li]
[li]Changed [b]Chimes[/b] instruments to treble clef[/li]
[li]Moved the default position for [b]Lyrics line 1[/b] down a bit[/li]
[li][url=]How to: Add Drum 6 LH Hits back into Sibelius 5.1 Template[/url][/li]


If you haven't done so already, you will want to update your VDL library to 2.5.1 - which you can find information on that here:


Now, before you get back to writing music, I want to say a big thank you to Bryan Harmsen for adding the bookmarks to the Readme file.
Thanks Bryan!


Original release post:  [url][/url]
So do we have to watch the video again to set it up, and how do we use the other template with this one? Thanks
The original version and the updated version are exactly the same except for the items listed above.

If you have a project that you started with the v1.0 Template and you do not need/want to use any of the updated items, then there is no need to do anything different in that file.

If you feel that you need to watch the tutorials again, by all means, do so; it is not required though. And you won't use both versions together, you will use one or the other, depending on if you want to use the items that are different or not.

So how do I use the music in the old template in the new one, without rewriting everthing.
If you have a project that's underway already with the old template, I would just continue with that unless there's something specific i the old template that's not working for you. The old template works just fine.  Once you start a new piece, that might be a good time to start using the new template.
Thanks Jim for for the response. Happy Holidays to you and your family man. Love you guys on this forum. God Bless you all.
Thanks!! Same to you!!
Where are the fat and dry articulations?
[quote author=Michael link=topic=2171.msg11577#msg11577 date=1199937524]
Where are the fat and dry articulations?

Do you mean the crush articulations? They are the same. Please review the Readme.
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