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Hey all...  I stumbled onto a really butt-kicking freebie.  I've used CCleaner for a while, and it does great work ditching temp files and garbage in Windows.  Piriform put out a new tool called Defraggler.

Defraggler is different than most defrag tools out there.  Most defrag tools are into sorting entire drives, and take hours on end.  Defraggler lets you target individual files, or more importantly for us, defragging a folder on demand.  This means that instead of having to wait hours for a drive to sort itself, you can get immediate gains in very little time.  It's one of the fastest tools I've used for disks, and since I have a 1.5tb drive, this is immensely helpful.

Happy defragging!
Wow, I'll have to check that out. i'm not sure if anyone else has this issue but I've had problems with windows being unable to defragment some of the VDL nks files that are over 1 GB each. maybe this will help straighten those out.
What's considered a high number of fragments and should be defragged?
If any of your sample files (*.nk*) are at all fragmented, you should fix that.  There are a lot more little things, but if your libraries are split up over a single drive, the ";needle"; has to go back and forth -- a bad idea.
I guess I should have clarified.  I'm not running VDL on my PC, I was just curious in general.
[quote author=Keith Anderson link=topic=2172.msg11267#msg11267 date=1198212955]
I guess I should have clarified.  I'm not running VDL on my PC, I was just curious in general.

Ya, doesn't matter the OS.  If it's fragmented, it's not optimal; simple as that. 
Got it.  Thanks.
I tried this program last night and I like how you can defrag a specific folder or file, but I think it is just as slow as the built-in Windows utility.
Agreed there.  If you're going to do a whole drive, go with http://www.filehippo.com/download_oo_defrag/
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