has anybody ever repaired a midi keyboard?

Recently my M-Audio Oxygen 8 busted after 2 years of use. The problem is that the midi connector that the cable plugs in to broke off of the board inside the keyboard. I've never jammed my midi cable into it hard but it just seems to have given way.

Does anyone think that this is a repairable problem or should I just suck it up and buy a new keyboard? I have a larger 49 key that I use at home that I've been using in the meantime but that obviously isn't as transportable as the 25 key to use when I travel with my laptop.
Assuming that any warranties you had have since expired, I say open it up. You're not going to make it worse.
i agree...i say open it up.  Lots of times electronic devices can be fixed with some solder and a soldering iron.  If it just broke off and the wires are still attached, it may be as simple as re-attaching it.  Best of luck and let us know.
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