Snare Buzz Roll - No Playback

VDL 2.5
Finale 2006

When using the Snareline Manual, none of my buzz rolls will play back.  This includes sustained, cresc., and decresc. of any length.  Tenor and bass rolls will play back, and so will snare crushes, but rolls will not.  I can hear them when I add the note, and they will play in the KontaktPlayer window, but during score playback, they're absent.

Any ideas?

Hi Chris - The two most obvious culprits of this would be 1) you may not have the correct drum map assigned to your staff, or 2) you didn't input the correct midi pitch? Can you confirm either of these?

I have all buzz rolls mapped exactly the same as RH and LH hits, crushes, and other basic strokes, so I think the mapping is correct.  Also, I'm sure that I am using the correct midi pitch because when I input the pitch with my midi keyboard, I can hear the buzz roll as I add the note.  I believe the pitch I am using is E4, but I'm not at my VDL computer right now and I don't have a keymap in front of me.  I am in my first week of using VDL though, so is there something more I need to be looking for when entering midi pitches other than the instantaneous playback?

Thanks again!
The problem is most likely your percussion map. Finale has some bugs where the percussion maps from time to time get a little messed up.

Edit your percussion map. Under Notes To Use For ";[Staff X]";, click the ";none"; box followed by the ";all named notes"; and that should help.

Alright - it's all figured out.  Thanks for the help.  It turned out that the playback sounds were set to ";0"; for some reason on all buzz rolls... not quite sure why.  I can't believe I overlooked that.. :-/

Thanks again.
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