Sib 5.1 and VDL 2.5 Sound set not loading

I have already gotten Sib5.1 and VDL2.5 running smoothly on my Vista desktop, and am now trying to get my XP laptop configured. The problem is that Sibelius is not finding the Sound Set in the [i]Play > Playback Devices[/i] menu.

I did everything as it states in the template read-me file as far as copying the .xml to:

C:\Documents and Settings\[i]my username[/i]\Application Data\Sibelius Software\Sibelius 5\Sounds
and reloaded Sibelius.

Sib still didn't find it. Also put the .xml into:

C:\Program Files\Sibelius Software\Sibelius 5\Sounds

Again Sib didn't find it:

I went ahead and put it in
C:\Documents and Settings\[i]Administrator[/i]\Application Data\Sibelius Software\Sibelius 5\Sounds
C:\Documents and Settings\[i]All Users[/i]\Application Data\Sibelius Software\Sibelius 5\Sounds

In the [i]Configuration [/i]drop down in the [i]Play > Playback Devices[/i] menu, the only thing I see there is ";Default."; On the Vista machine I can see Essentials and VDL2.5.

Ironically an installation in Vista went more smoothly than XP... /shrug  Go figure :\
Hi Brent. That's odd. If you don't mind my asking a dumb question, I think it warrants asking (thanks for humoring me). After you placed the .xml file into those folders, did you restart Sibelius? That would certainly matter.
Indeed I restarted Sibelius, thanks you for asking! :)  (Working live sound taught me that if there isn't any sound, check the mains first!) I have even restarted the computer a couple times, and updated all the KP2/VDL through the Native Instruments Updater - but not in that order.

Here's a screenshot that may help.

Oh, that helps a lot. Thanks for the screenshot.

Your first problem has nothing to do with the sound set. What you need to accomplish first is to ensure that the Kontakt Player VST plug-in is in the correct location for Sibelius to recognize it. As you'll see, Kontakt Player isn't even listed as an available device.

There's a topic in the Sibelius Help Center that gives some pointers on proper placement of the KontaktPlayer2.dll file (this is the VST plug-in).

You can probably find this plugin at Program Files>Native Instruments>Kontakt Player 2. Then, make a copy of it, and place it into your Sibelius VST folder, and you should have better luck.
Worked beautifully! Thanks Jim.
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