Duplicate Rim Shot Noteheads / Creating Custom Instruments

I want to create a custom Snareline instrument.

In the Edit Staff Type > Percussion tab, where all the noteheads are assigned : each 'instrument' [solo snare, ensemble snares off, ensemble snares on] has two sets of rim shot assignments ";L [notehead 29] / R [notehead 51]"; but also ";L [notehead 29 + marcato] / R [notehead 51 + marcato], though both appear to have the same sound file assigned.

However, when it comes to every other sound you just need one set. To use taps as an example : simply ";L [notehead 0] / R [notehead 31]";, without duplicates for accents and marcatos and such.

Why is another set needed for rim shots with marcatos? They also work with regular accents but don't need separate notehead assignments for that.
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