Can we say 27.5in viewing space!

Just bought a new LCD monitor today with a 27.5in viewing area! (Christmas Present to myself) You can see 4-5 pages of the full scores without having to squint... :) It's the Hanns-G LCD monitor with 3ms response time. . . Best Buy had'em for 599.00. It's a STEAL! Most monitors this size are in the 1000.00's so I couldn't pass this up. If you are looking to upgrade. . . Check into this monitor. It Rocks and it has other component video inputs so it can also double as a HDTV monitor in 1080p! Merry Christmas to all and be safe!
I prefer multiple monitors- 2 24";s :)
Yep....this guy right here is now experiencing monitor envy!  You DOG!
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