Finale VST Folder Missing

I have searched this forum and cannot find a solution.  I have VDL 2.5 and am trying to do the Quick Setup with Finale 2006 or higher (plug-in) page 18.  In step 2, I go to [b]C:\Program Files\Finale 2007\ [/b]but there is no Finale VST folder.  I am running Windows XP.  Not Vista.  Any solutions on how to get this folder?
Thank you, but no thank you. Between Virtual Drumline, Finale Allegro and the Midi Keyboard I just spent approx. $600.00. I am broke.
There's a pretty good deal on trading up to Finale from Allegro, especially if you are a student or teacher.
I have the same exact problem but I am using Finale Allegro. I can hear the sounds when I play my composition so I guess it is in stand-alone mode. Is there another way to use it as a plug-in in Finale?
There is a detailed FAQ on how this can be done, but there are many limitations that you would have.  Check this link:


This would also be a good link from the HINTS and TUTORIALS section:

Okay.�� I uninstalled Finale and reinstalled it.�� It did not ask for typical or custom installation.�� I went back into the program file and there still is no file for FinaleVST.�� Any other suggestions?  ***UPDATE***  I contacted Finale and they indicate that the folder ";FinaleVST"; only exists when you install the full Finale program.  I am only using (and purchased) Songwriter.  Therefore, according to Finale, Songwriter alone will not play through VDL.

So, any suggestions on how to use the two programs together?
Did you do a Custom Installation of Finale?  If so, re-install with a TYPICAL.  There are known issues with the Custom Install not installing what it should have.  It should be right in that directory where you were looking.
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