Registration/Serial Number Trouble

I am trying to use VDL2.5 with Finale 2008 and NI Kontactplayer2.  I thought I had registered VDL2.5 but NI is saying I have not.  I am a band director at a school and will not see our technology coordinator to get the serial number.  I am hoping to get some writing done over our vacation and am hoping you might have our serial on file.

The information would be listed under the following:

Purchased by Fredericktown Local Schools in Fredericktown, Ohio 43019
Purchaser name:  Marialice Kollar

Is there anyway to find our serial number with this information?  Thank you guys very much.

Ron Graham
I think the best situation would be to call Tapspace during normal biz hours, however, you do get a 14 day grace period, yes?

Anyone recall?  I think the NI stuff doesn't shut you down for at least two weeks...
It's also worth noting that unless your school purchased a site-licensed version of VDL, this is a [i]single user[/i] software license. Meaning, only one individual person is permitted to install and use the software. If your tech person authorized it under his name, technically as far as NI is concerned, he's the licensed user. If this was not the intention, he would have to notify NI directly so they could arrange for the license to be transferred to your name.

There is a FAQ about the number of machines you may authorize the software on here:

It is worth noting however, that the single user license still applies. For example, you are not permitted to authorize the software for use by a band director and a percussion instructor. Both individuals would require their own license.

Hope this info helps a bit. Tapspace may be able to look up your serial number, but we'd need to know exactly who it's actually registered to first. This may or may not be the individual who made the purchase. If you need some extra assistance, please send me a private message through this forum, and I'll do my best to look further into it for you. Ultimately, it may be NI that will have to authorize any changes though (if necessary).
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