Adding a Bass Guitar on VDL 2.5


I tried searching thru the various discussions and could not find an answer to what I am looking for. Hopefully one of you experts would be able to shed some light on this.

I am trying to add a bass guitar to my score, however, upon doing so, all I get is drum rack sounds, I believe.  I did this by adding a brand new staff to my score and then assigning the VDL 2.5 bass guitar to it.  I am using Finale 2008 along with VDL 2.5 as a plug-in on Windows Vista. I notice on the Finale 2008 VDL 2.5 template, there is no staff for a bass guitar.  Could this be the problem?  Am I missing something?  Any assistance with this would be much appreciated.

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You are correct that there was no staff listed in the template for FIN08. Primarily because it is set up for outdoor usage. I'm currently working on a FIN08 indoor template which should be ready in a couple of days. Until then adding a new staff is the way to go. Make sure though that the staff is set up correctly in the Instrument window, you are probably getting the rack sounds because the bass guitar staff has the same midi channel assignment as the percussion staves for the template. In the Instrument window make sure that you have added a new instrument named bass guitar and that its midi channel assignment is different than any of the percussion staves and that it matches the midi channel assignment in the Kontakt Player. Let us know if you have any other questions or more problems.

Ted Boliske 
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