VDL 2 memory problems

I have been working in my first score in Sibelius. It is for a winter percussion and as we have been putting the mallet, auxiliary and battery voices together, I ran into a memory error message that said it didn't have enough memory to load some things in the Kontact Player.

Any suggestions?
Hey Aaron and welcome to the forums here at Tapspace.  You will find that the more info you give us with your question regarding your set-up the better the folks reading your post will be able to provide you with an accurate answer.  For starters, let folks know if you are using a windows or Mac, what your processor speed is and how much ram your machine you have.  you might also consider looking through the FAQ list to see if you can find your answer OR use the ";search"; box and type in ";memory error"; or even just ";memory";.  The search box will pull from [u]all[/u] the posts on the forum to help you find answers as well.

Again, welcome to the forums and best wishes with your writing and VDL.
Hey Aaron,

All I can say is ";ditto";.  Check out the ";Read this first"; -- it'll help us if you follow that.

The memory question is a difficult one to guess.  Start us out with the exact error text, and what you did to get there...  and read https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=1410.0 to help you fill in your answers.

If you come back with that info, I can pretty much guarantee someone here can help.  :)
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