Please help me get started! I can't figure it out!

Okay so I have Sibelius 4.1 and I just received the Garritan Concert and Marching Band sound library for Christmas. It contains sounds from VDL as well as the Kontakt 2 Player. I have been using Sibelius for a couple years and have played with the Kontakt Player. However I have no idea how to link and use them together. Can someone please give me a detailed, step-by-step procedure as to how I can get this up and running from the beginning! Thank you so much!! 
Hey man & welcome to the forum.  You might consider a few things before posting what is a VERY opened question such as the one you posed.  First of all, check the FAQ page.  Always a great place to start.  Next, make sure you provide a detailed listing of your computer system info (OS, processor, RAM, etc) so we know what you are working with (remember this very important fact - the more detailed the background info you provide, the more detailed your initial response can be).

Next thing is that you are asking a question that might be better posed on a Garritan or Sibelius forum instead of a Tapspace forum.  I bet you can find the answers you need by checking the manual that came with the Garritan stuff or even checking here

Good luck with your new sound library and I bet it will revolutionize the way you arrange and compose.
Ditto...  the sounds that are included are part of [i]that[/i] library...  not VDL.  The included VDL sounds are a tiny subset of the full VDL library.
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