VDL samples loading when I start Sibelius 5.1

If my Playback Devices Configuration is set to VDL, whenever I open Sibelius 5.1, during the startup process KontactPlayer appears and loads SnareLine Manaul, TenorLine Manual, BassLine Manual, and Cymbal Line All. [Before anyone jumps in with the obvious answer, I'm not a moron, I'm opening Sibelius by clicking on the program icon, not by double clicking the VDL template or another file which is supposed to load those instruments]

Then, even if I let them load completely, once Sibelius is up and I open my VDL template or any other file which uses VDL playback configuration with those exact instruments, and KontactPlayer pops up and reloads them. So it was a complete waste of time.

I've noticed that when my Playback Devices Configuration is set to anything other than VDL [even other sample libraries such as Sound Essentials], there's no inexplicable sample loading on startup.

Anyone know how to fix this? Sibelius already loads way too slowly without this happening, and it's driving me nuts.
This is happening because the [i]playback configuration[/i] that Sibelius is loading upon launch contains these instruments. Then if you launch a different score containing a different (or even similar) set of instruments, it loads instruments based on what that score calls for. Technically, the VDL template doesn't call up the patches. This is based on what you've set previously in your [i]playback configuration[/i].

There's a post here that will tell you how to resolve this so you won't have to waste so much time on startup.
Thanks Jim! One more question though :

Once I've fixed this :
If there are already a bunch of instruments in there, Sibelius will load them each time it tries to load that playback configuration, regardless of whether or not your score will want them.[/b]

This shouldn't make much of a difference on start-up times anymore, right :
Click the ";Playback"; section, and then under the section that says ";Default Playback Configuration,"; set your default (non kontaktplayer) configuration to be the one that Sibelius loads upon startup. I've found this to greatly speed up the start process.[/b]
I don't think I understand your question. Was there something unclear about the other topic that you're quoting?
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