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I am writing a piece on printmusic, and want to get familiar with the way fianle works before getting VDL...hopefully next month.  I have searched the forums, and I still can't figure out what I am doing wrong, so i am hoping you guys can help.  I know this should probably go in the finale forums, but i registered, it said it sent me an email, but they haven't yet, and I want to figure this out!  :)
Ok, I think I finally have the flams thing figured out.  I can put the grace notes in, but they are two closed.  I want to make them more open, and I saw where people have said to go in and change the spacing in the options, but for the life of me, i can't find where that options section is on the menu bar!

Second, how can i get the accents to play back?  I add the expression of an accent (have tried a couple of different accents, but no joy), but nothing changes.  I am sure I am doing something simple wrong here, but I am getting frustrated.  I have looked in the manual, and the videos.  Holding the ";A"; key down like the video says does nothing but add more notes.

Please help...getting frustrated here...
Pappy, do some searching in the Tapspace FAQ.  The flam questions have been answered, at length if I recall.

Accent playback is dependent on certain things...  if you're not using VDL, and you're just using Finale, accents are a mathematical function.  They raise the volume of a note by a percentage.  Do accents have any effect on non-percussion instruments?  Are your accents at FF already?

Basically, your accent question isn't specific.  And of course, with due respect, none of these questions are VDL related...
thank you for your reply...with respect, i said i DID search the forums, and what they have said isn't wit...

I can put the grace notes in, but they are two closed.  I want to make them more open, and I saw where people have said to go in and change the spacing in the options, but for the life of me, i can't find where that options section is on the menu bar..

so where do i find this options on the menu?

I finally got my log in for finale forums to work, so i will post in there too...

What version on Printmusic?  This may be something that you can't change in Printmusic since it's the ";bare-bones"; version of finale.  I don't have printmusic, but I do have finale and you change grace note spacing under options, document options, grace notes (from list) then ";Grace Note Offset from Entry";.  Good luck.

i don't have that option...:(

As you've discovered there is no option available for changing the playback spacing of grace notes with FINPrint Music. I had to download the demo to verify what I thought would be the case. It also confirmed my thought that you would not be able to use VDL2.5 as a plug in with Print Music. I did not look close enough but I don't think it will work in stand alone mode either, I may be wrong. However, Print Music also does not allow for percussion mapping which is required with VDL so that the various sounds playback and print correctly. Sorry for the bad news. On the plus side, it will give you an introduction to working with Finale.

Ted Boliske
As stated earlier, there are limits to what you can do with Finale PrintMusic and SongWriter, but there shouldn't be any reason you cannot use the templates with those versions and then use Kontakt Player 2 as a standalone engine alongside PrintMusic or Songwriter.  You would need Midi Yoke, or Maple MIDI to do this on Windows - or involve the IAC Driver on Macintosh.  The fact that PrintMusic cannot do this from within the notation program as it can with Finale, has been well documented on the Finale website in the product information for that program.  The only program that can host VST/AU is Finale (full version).

Just in case you have not checked this post from the Tutorials section, please check this as it will be the same for PrintMusic as well:


Things to keep in mind while I make a more updated one is that the ";VDL Player"; should be the ";Kontakt Player 2"; (VDL 2.5).  If you have VDL 2.0 then you would just open the VDL player that is your Tapspace folder where you chose to install the application.

You will not be able to edit any sort of Percussion Maps in this version of Finale.  The battery maps are set to the FULL/LITE mapping so you should be able to load those sounds when you get to that step.  Mallet Percussion will not make a difference, and the Percussion sounds should be set to Rack Combos A and B respectively (depending on which template you are using).

It also sounds like it would help to speak to Finale Tech support ([url][/url])as well regarding some of the basic functions of the program. 

1.) an Accent is an articulation not an expression.  You should be in the Articulation Tool to add these (looks like a whole note with an accent over it).  These should play automatically when you start a new document. 

2.)  Advanced playback options such as determinig the exact placement of gracenotes for flams, etc are not going to be options that are available to you in PrintMusic.

Once you understand some of the limitations, you will see that you should be able to use PrintMusic with VDL, but there will be some things that you cannot change in how they work together.  Feel free to contact me via email for further clarification.
dang, that is what i thought...i am pretty computer savy (i am a cpu tech), so when i couldn't find that menu, I was going crazy!  I might just have to upgrade my version later this year after doing more work with the program then.  I will probably wait for vdl until i get the full version.

For what I want to do, and in looking at the tutorial, vdl will work with printmusic, just won't work real well.  Thanks for the help guys...thought I was going crazy when i couldn't find what i was looking for in the menu.  I will be back when I get vdl!

Again, I appreciate your guy's help, even though it wasn't totally vdl questions.
No Problem, Pappy.  Let us know if you need further help.  That is what we are here for.
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