Loading Sounds Into Banks - VDL 2.5.1

Hello everyone,

I saw this post https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=1971.0 and it got me [b]almost[/b] where I need to be.  I get program changes and how to do that (~p2), but I'm having a hard time adding sounds to a bank.  Here's the stats and what I have done.

VDL 2.5.1
Midi Yoke

I open VDL 2.5.1 and I have an empty screen.  I click on instruments, bank, empty bank, and ta-da, there's a new empty bank.
Then I go into instruments again and load an instrument (Rack Combo A).  After that, I do what Jim is saying in that post, dragging the instrument to the empty bank slot 001, but when I do that the instrument just bumps up in order, it doesn't load into the bank.  I have tried every kind of click on the empty bank but don't see any ";load instrument"; options on there, I have tried dragging my existing instrument onto one of the bank numbers and all I get is that orange line above or below the bank indicating the instrument I have dragged is going to change in order to before or after the bank.

I have scoured the forums for hours (seriously, I have) and have figured out how I can do what I want to do (switch instruments in a single staff) but this seems to be the last step.

I really hope I'm not missing something blazingly obvious but at this point I have no idea what to try next.  I even checked NI for updates and loaded the new VDL update as well as the latest NI update.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Are you clicking on the word ";Instruments"; and dragging from that list or are you trying to drag from the pull down list that appears when you click on the triangle?

It sounds like you're clicking on the triangle and trying to drag from that list which won't happen,  it'll just load the sound in to a new channel.
Hi Bill!

Thanks for taking some time to help me out.

After I add the bank, I add an instrument, so in my ";Multi"; window I have 2 items.�� Then I try and drag the instrument onto the bank but nothing happens.�� I did try to drag the instrument from the Instruments pull down menu but as you said, that just loads the instrument into the ";Multi"; window.

If, when manipulating the bank, I click in the downward triangle next to ";001"; nothing happens.�� If I click on the left and rightward triangles after the ";001"; nothing happens there either.


Rob - you're going to kick yourself, but this is way easier than you're probably making it. Don't worry...happens to the best of us.

You don't drag instruments into the rack/multi area, but rather, directly from the browser (the LH column) into the various slots on the bank. As Bill stated, click the button that says ";Instruments"; so that you're looking at a file browser view of the VDL library (as opposed to clicking the triangle which brings the pulldown hierarchical menus). Once you're in this ";browser"; mode, simply drag the instruments into the bank slots.

There's some information on the library box and browser viewing on page 23 of your VDL 2.5 User Guide. Also on page 39, you'll see how the library browser will look in order to drag instruments over.

I didn't even know you could click on the ";Instruments"; [b]word[/b].  Geeze, I'm so conditioned to look for the arrow/triangle and click away.

Thank you so much for your help.  This is going to do really great things for my compositions (simplification is a good thing!).

And also, thanks for continuing to make VDL a fantastic product.  I used VDL1 on my friend's computer, bought VDL 2, and then bought the upgrade to 2.5 and it keeps getting better and better.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you!
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